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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."~ Aristotle


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The last day of the school year for students in grades K - 11 is June 8, 2017.  Graduation for the Class of 2017 will be June 7, 2017.

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Hillcrest Elementary School's Visual Arts program works to foster creativity and mastery of art concepts and skills. The elementary art curriculum applies the National Visual Arts Standards with a primary focus on the elements of art and principles of design. While exploring the paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other visual art forms of a time period, artist, or culture, students note the relationship between art and other school subjects and draw comparisons to their own life experiences. Exposure to many varieties of art media and techniques is essential at the elementary level. By creating original art reminiscent of a particular culture, artist, or time period, students demonstrate the planning, self-discipline and skills that artists bring to their work.

The Visual Arts program provides opportunities for self-expression for all of Hillcrest's students. The exhibition of artwork validates the artistic accomplishments of students and is continuously displayed in school offices, the showcase in the lobby, and along the corridors of the school. Special exhibitions of exemplary student works are held during November and March and at the annual District Arts Festival. Students also participate in District and Upper Darby Township sponsored art competitions and have received awards in events such as the 2009 What Makes Someone a Hero art contest.



Students need to develop lifelong reading skills, lifelong learning skills, and the motivation to take responsibility for their own learning. Information literate students are effective users of information in a variety of formats. The school library is the vehicle that provides opportunities for students to attain information literacy skills and to foster a lifelong interest in acquiring knowledge. The school librarian, working collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and others, assumes a pivotal role in the learning community. The library contains essential tools in the area of locating, processing, evaluating, synthesizing, and utilizing information from a variety of print, non-print, and electronic sources. Here at Hillcrest Elementary, students are exposed to a variety of resources as well as the opportunity to utilize the expansive collection. The overall goal of the library program is to assist all students in becoming active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information to solve problems and to satisfy their own interests.
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The Hillcrest Music curriculum reflects the Pennsylvania Music Educator's National Conference Standards which includes singing alone or in ensembles, performing on instruments alone or with others a varied repertoire of music, development of technical skills and theoretical understanding, development of individual creativity, listening to and evaluating music and performances as well as understanding relationships between music and other art forms. The Hillcrest Music Department has many opportunities for students to highlight their talents through the String Program, the Concert and Jazz bands, as well as the Select Chorus.



The Hillcrest Physical Education program is designed to provide the movement foundation that will promote a lifetime of productive physical activity. The physical education lessons are planned to include moderate to vigorous activities to permit physical fitness improvement. Motor skills are practiced so that the students acquire the competence and confidence to participate in a wide variety of physical activities and sports that can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Cooperation and working with peers are emphasized. Competitive activities are utilized to provide for individual growth and understanding. Decision-making plays a prominent part in every lesson. Hillcrest Physical Education strives to be a quality program that will lead to a lifetime of positive physical activity.

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